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Registration for the 2022 Artisan Flaves is now closed! Judging will begin on May 20th, and winners will be announced May 27th!

The 2021 Spicy Flaves judging has concluded! Please check out the winners and thank you
to all who entered!

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Our Mission:
 The International Flavor Awards, LLC or simply “The Flave Awards” is a premiere culinary competition providing small to medium sized businesses an opportunity to showcase their original products and be recognized for their talents. As an organization, the International Flavor Awards provide impartial and knowledgeable judging of food & beverage products throughout a variety of genres and themes. Above and beyond all else, the “Flave Awards Committee” strives to promote the outstanding “Spicy” & “Artisan” products and companies that set themselves apart by being honored as a “Flave Award Winner.”

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The International Flavor Awards WANT YOU!

Enter the Spicy Flave and Artisan Flave Competitions! You  deserve a WIN!!

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"The International Flavor Awards has allowed me to market my products worldwide!"

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MEET OUR 2021 1st Place Winners

The Artisan Flave Awards

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The Artisan Flave Awards will showcase YOUR amazing Artisan products all around the world! 



Sauces, relishes, pickled vegetables, sweets and treats, and MORE!!!

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